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Study psychology abroad: master at University of Amsterdam

Although I am fully satisfied with my studies at Mykolas Romeris University it is very interesting to know what are studies at other universities, especially at universities abroad and with the purpose of career planning it would be wise to evaluate advantages and disadvantages of studies abroad. Opportunities are significant, question – what to choose?
I would like to present short information about University of Amsterdam as it would be one of my priorities for master’s studies abroad.
As city of Amsterdam features as one of the world’s 15 best places to live in Mercer’s 2010 “Quality of living Survey” it should be wonderful place for studies and living with amazing architecture and friendly people.

University of Amsterdam (UvA) was established in 1632 and since then continues a tolerant, open and international academic tradition. It has international recognition as is ranked among the top 30 universities in Europe and the top 100 worldwide.
University of Amsterdam offers about 133 master programs, including 58 taught in English. Psychology bachelors have opportunity for further specialization in any area of psychology including brain and cognition, clinical psychology, development psychology, methodology and statistics, social psychology, work and organizational psychology. University offers research programs which are designed for students who are interested in a career in academic or applied (industry) research. Furthermore, structure of the programs ensures that students get involved in at least two areas of psychology, one of which is chosen as their major. This is called major – minor structure.
As UvA is the member of League of European Research Universities (LERU) it is an active partner in many EU-wide initiatives with other universities or research institutions.
All mentioned above should be considered as essential advantages of studies at University of Amsterdam. Is there any disadvantages? I would say, yes. Here in Lithuania the best students can expect to get state funding for their master’s studies as well as for bachelor’s, what is not possible if you choose studies abroad. 3 year part time master program in psychology at UvA would cost €1540 per year and living expenses are €1000 – 1300 per month. Finding work is rather difficult without speaking any Dutch. 
Though financial part of the matter makes choice slightly more complicated, this could never stop really motivated person but should encourage to look wider and find new opportunities for excellent future career.

http://www.uva.nl/international (viewed at 2012 02 15)

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